Seeing that 2013 is almost over, I think it’s appropriate that my first post (in this ever so random blog) should be about my favorites of the year. Everyone is always looking for new obsessions, no? I’ll give you a few options (if you haven’t discovered them already).

My original idea was to make a list of things I liked in 2013 that were released in 2013, but I’m realizing now that that will be harder than it seems (and would limit me from sharing my genuine favorites that definitely did not come out in 2013). So if this list includes things you discovered twenty years before I did, so be it. I apologize. (“Get with the times, Olivia!” “No need to yell, fictional commentator!”)

I think I’ll stick to music for this one, but more will follow.

Here we go!


1)    Blue – Joni Mitchell – If you have not heard this album, go out and buy it now. Joni can break you down and cut you to the core with words (and the most honest voice I’ve ever heard), regardless of whether or not you’ve ever been in love. I think it took me a few listens before I really understood how wonderful she is, but now that I know I’m a huge fan. A Case of You and River are the faves, but each song is a gem.

2)    Midnight Memories – One Direction – As an 18 year old girl, I realize that any self-respecting music snob will put up their nose at the thought of – gasp – pop music and attractive boys. However, if you think you’re “too cool” for One Direction, you are only denying yourself the joy of catchy sing-along choruses and some badass guitar solos. I dare you to listen to Little Black Dress or Diana and not crack a smile!

3)    AM – Arctic Monkeys – The epitome of cool. To clarify: I am not “cool” in any form of the word, and this album has been on my monthly playlists since it came out in September. Solid beats and smooth guitar make me regret not skipping Macroeconomics to see them in Nashville this past fall. (But I had a test, and it’s a once a week class, and and and… not worth it!)

4)    Bad Blood – Bastille – A massively talented band who blend the unconventional with the sing-along tunes I (evidently) love. Their lyrics are fantastic and their style lets me blast them in the car and listen to them while I fall asleep. Weight of Living (Pt. 1) and Pompeii are my personal favorites.

5)    The Walking in Between – Ben Rector – I bought this album when I found out that Ben was coming to my school in September, simply to avoid being the only person who didn’t know his name. The confessional style of a singer-songwriter along with his stellar voice & piano/guitar skills make this album totally worth listening to. Making Money and (the single) Beautiful are my faves.

Five is a nice number, yeah? On to the next…


1)    Nightlight – The Ceremonies – I’m not quite sure how I happened upon this song, but I was hooked from the first listen. The Ceremonies put a nostalgic spin on standard alternative rock. Does that make sense? No? Listen to this song.

2)    Cry Your Heart Out – Olly Murs – Olly gives me a reason to sing into my hairbrush every morning. If I hadn’t covered the “British pop” genre in my previous list, Olly would’ve made the list with Right Place Right Time. However, this song is my favorite on the album.

3)    Sirens – Pearl Jam – I feel like the mellow side of Pearl Jam is not showcased nearly enough. This song, from their new album Lightning Bolt, says so much in 5 minutes and 41 seconds. Eddie Vedder + thoughtful lyrics = happy Olivia!

4)    You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go – Bob Dylan – I saw Dylan this summer, and he plows through hits like no other. Anyone who loves words and music (read: everyone) loves Dylan, and this song is no exception. The harmonica in the intro makes my heart happy.

5)    Follow Your Arrow – Kacey Musgraves – Kacey has made a name for herself as a songwriter in Nashville but this song shows her true potential as an all-around country artist. Her lyrics are clever and quick, and make me wish I had thought of them first!

I have more I could add but this is my first post and I don’t want to frighten you away with novels. : ) More to come!


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