Does this even merit a title?

I spent my entire three hour lunch break today listening to classical music and anxiously reading the Qur’an in anticipation for a quiz that ended up being 5 true-or-false questions. NOT FAIR!!

I’ve spent a lot of time studying lately, which makes me want to spend all of the little free time I do have either sleeping or scrolling mindlessly through Tumblr. Or stress-eating almonds and chocolate. Surprisingly, none of these seem to be particularly productive.

I’ve been wanting to write on here but I’ve been lacking in the inspiration department… I think most of my creativity has been going to a Word document full of House on Mango Street-style vignettes that are too poorly worded and embarrassing to share at the moment. I wish I could.

Dear Successful Bloggers, how do you do it?


7 thoughts on “Does this even merit a title?”

  1. Define “successful bloggers.”

    I’ve realized I share things even if they’re poorly written or embarrassing — sometimes I’m more likely to put those ones out there, because I’ve put more of “me” into them than “what I expect people will want to read”. The bloggers that I’ve come across that I really enjoy reading and interacting with on wordpress/twitter/our blogs are all cut from a similar cloth — and the constructive criticism and words of encouragement are far worth putting some of the writing out there that I wouldn’t otherwise.

    1. You count as a successful blogger!

      You make a really good point – as much as I’ve been trying to make my blog sound like me, I do put a lot of consideration into what I think others want me to talk about/say, which prohibits me from posting as much as I would otherwise. I’d rather put more out there and go outside my comfort zone than keep it to myself and never allow for growth.

      Thanks for your input, I appreciate it!

      1. Have you ever watched GIRLS? There’s an episode where an office that Hannah is interviewing has this wall art talking about “Comfort Zone” vs “Where the magic happens.”

        Google it if you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about 🙂

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