What happened? Nothing, and here’s why

I’ve been seriously slacking in the blog department since summer started.

From my point of view, not much has changed; I still check social media constantly and write drafts on the daily, but I realized today that my last post is from a week and a half ago. A WEEK AND A HALF. And my last two posts have been “this is lame but I’ll put it here for now and write something better later” filler posts. NOT COOL OLIVIA. Not cool.

I guess life has just been quite “meh” lately. It’s not exactly that I don’t have inspiration, but that my inspiration never turns into anything I like enough to share. Which creates quite a “meh” blog, if I do say so myself.

Here are some of my other theories (works in progress, mind you) :
-I fell off the face of the planet
-I fell off the face of the planet and into that all-white void that Squidward finds in that one episode of Spongebob, and have only now managed to find my way back
-My brain turns to goo in weather over 80° (For example: I copy and pasted that degree sign from a wikipedia article instead of just writing “degree,” which obviously isn’t difficult since I have written it two times in this convoluted explanation.)
-I decided that being productive is TOO MUCH WORK and I’d rather just sit on my floor and think about the things I’m not doing
-I’ve found endless entertainment in going through my old drafts, so it only makes sense that I should write more to laugh about later.

If I spent less time worrying about not doing enough stuff, I definitely would’ve gotten about 100000x more things done in the month of June. That makes no sense, but I’m sticking to it.

This is my promise to you, loyal reader, who probably has not even noticed my absence: I will keep myself on the face of the planet for the month of July (unless NASA gets back to me on my vacation to the moon, then it’s SEE YA, but you know how tricky THEY can be), and it will not suck. I promise.


2 thoughts on “What happened? Nothing, and here’s why”

  1. I completely identify with the second to last on your list! HAHA. I constantly spend my time thinking about things I’m not doing instead of just doing them. Never makes me feel better, yet I keep doing it (as evidenced by my summer absence too). At least you’re not the only one…?

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