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Ferguson: Stories you might have missed.

I was cleaning my bathroom this morning when the Bob Dylan song "Hurricane" came on shuffle. It tells the story of Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter, a black boxer who was wrongly convicted of a triple homicide on minimal evidence in 1966. My jaw dropped at this line, written forty-some years ago: "If you're black you might as well not… Continue reading Ferguson: Stories you might have missed.

Mad Love: reviewing Taylor Swift’s new album, ‘1989’

Oh, it's GOOD. If "1989" goes platinum (which, in the world of Spotify and Pandora, no album has done this year), Taylor will be the first person in history to have three consecutive albums sell over one million copies. Woah. I've been a die-hard Swift fan for years (there are photographs hidden in some corner of the internet of… Continue reading Mad Love: reviewing Taylor Swift’s new album, ‘1989’

memories (cleaning my room)

I spent most of Tuesday organizing my clothes into piles: school, home, donate, trash. Part of what I find so frightening about donating/throwing away clothes that I know I'll never wear again is the fact that I might completely forget their existence. Even though most of these make me cringe, I was (am) a cringe-worthy adolescent,… Continue reading memories (cleaning my room)

The Floating World

Reading back on this post, it feels a little school-research-project-y, but bear with me plz. -- A few months ago I went with some friends to the Frist art museum in Nashville. We were bored and poor, and the museum was free, so it seemed like a good way to fill our Friday evening. I saw… Continue reading The Floating World

Life Updates, or something like that

This is just more of the head-bubble-ing (i made that up, but it works?) that all my posts from this summer have been like, but I think that's what happens when I'm left without a concrete schedule for an extended period of time. here's some stuff I've been doing when I wasn't here: 1. I've… Continue reading Life Updates, or something like that

Sylvia Plath: Let Me Live, Love, and Say It Well in Good Sentences

I've found so many incredible quotations in The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath that I had to find them on Goodreads so I wouldn't have to type them all out. I have yet to read The Bell Jar, but I have so much to learn from Sylvia Plath. “I am jealous of those who think more… Continue reading Sylvia Plath: Let Me Live, Love, and Say It Well in Good Sentences

SUMMER and Less Interesting Things Happening In My Life

IT'S SUMMER!!! Even though I'm taking three online classes ( 😦 ) and working part-time (with the glamorous title of "salad/take-out girl"), I can't help but enjoy the extra time and sleep and beautiful weather that comes with this season. (Re that beautiful weather: an hour from now, I will have officially spent 24 consecutive hours inside the… Continue reading SUMMER and Less Interesting Things Happening In My Life