My Work

I received a master’s in media studies from The New School in May 2022. While there, I focused on documentary film and media as tools for social change, particularly in relation to the climate crisis. 

I co-host an environmental storytelling podcast called World Is Burning with my friend Elise Nye. I have worked as a research assistant for The New School Archives as well as for Trace Material: Stories from the Plastics Age, a podcast from Parsons Healthy Materials Lab exploring the social history of plastic.

I am a returned youth development volunteer following the evacuation of the Peace Corps from Morocco in March 2020. 

I was script & deliverables coordinator on season two of Pickler & Ben. I’ve been a cast/production assistant on several projects, most notably I Care A Lot in Boston, Larry King Now in Los Angeles, and CMT Crossroads in Nashville. Before that, I was on the pitch team at Streaming Promotions, a music digital strategy company based in Nashville.

I graduated from Belmont University in May 2017 with a B.B.A. in Music Business and a minor in Writing. I completed my creative thesis, a zine-inspired collection of essays called Teach Me How to Sew. Prior to that I was a salad girl in an Italian restaurant for three years. I will never fully escape the service industry and as such, always tip above 20%.

If you’d like to see my full resume, email me at oliviaham (at) hotmail dot com. (Don’t judge my hotmail)